Any time, anywhere, any language


  • We provide professional interpreters and flexible, scalable solutions to deliver real-time language interpretation to any size meeting or conference, anywhere.

    We help you select, or provide ourselves, equipment and/or virtual platforms for remote or onsite simultaneous interpretation, and remote, onsite and hybrid participation of speakers and audience.
  • We have partnered with the most advanced cloud-based platforms making our services compatible with all available third-party web conferencing, virtual meeting, or livestreaming platform that you already have but does not offer interpretation functionality.

    Dedicated professional service with permanent technical assistance before, during and after you event.
  • Speakers participate onsite on the podium, or remotely joining the session using laptop or PC. Interpreters join from anywhere in the world to deliver simultaneous interpretation.

    Participants select language using onsite interpretation receivers, or by joining session on their laptop or mobile phones, onsite or from anywhere in the world.

Adnane, YiYi and Emma in Arabic and Mandarin Booths at Special Olympics World Congress

View from the Interpreter Booth, Association of World Electoral Bodies General Assembly

Digital Currency multilingual virtual conference enabled by



In the Simultaneous Conference Interpretation Profession, a clear preference has always existed in favor of On-Site work versus remote interpretation. Since the profession was first formalized in Nuremberg, evidence shows that interpreters loose cognitive capacity to perform other tasks while listening from a source language, interpreting into a target language, putting that interpretation into spoken words into another culture and language without losing context, while still listening to speakers over their own voice. 

Years breaking language and cultural barriers

With 35 years providing language interpretation services in The Americas, whether your conference is onsite, remote or hybrid, your success is our success.

who uses our services?

Our group is part of a network of professionals, friends, customers, and suppliers, including the most successful worldwide conference and convention industry organizations. We constantly provide simultaneous interpretation services, either by direct contract or third-party subcontract, for the most important international multilingual conferences of the Americas Region. The list of conferences and clients that trust our services include the Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Organization of American States General Assembly (five parallel rooms in 4 languages), The World AIDS Summit (5 languages, 8 parallel rooms, 65 interpreters, over 4 thousand international delegates), the Presidential Summit of the Rio Group (4 languages), The Conference of Ministers of Foreign Relations of the European Union and the Rio Group (21 active languages, 25 booths, 54 interpreters), the Presidential Summit of the Central American Integration System, The Biarritz Forum (5 languages, 5 parallel rooms), The World Summit for the Reconstruction of Haiti (5 parallel rooms, 5 languages), the HOPEFORE Presidential Summit (6 languages), the Council of Ministers and Summit of Heads of State and Government of CARICOM, the CELAC-EU Summit (6 languages), the Summit of Heads of State of the Association of Caribbean State, and many others.

On the private sector and multilateral organization side we serve the ICCO World Cocoa Conference, the General Assembly of World Electoral Bodies (AWEB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bayer, Baxter, Microsoft, DEA, FBI, NYPD, Barrick Gold, Placer Dome, the Council of Europe, Colgate, Falcon Bridge, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Mayor League Baseball, FIFA, FIBA, Special Olympics, NY Presbyterian Hospital, the World Bank, and an endless list of medical conferences and world industry leaders who trust us with their simultaneous interpretation needs.

Today we have reinvented ourselves, embracing technology, and continue providing the same quality service for multilingual remote and hybrid conferences and conventions, including small virtual private meetings anytime, anywhere, in any language.