The interpreter must be capable of rising to the level of the speaker, and never make the speaker descend to his or her level.

Any time, anywhere, any language

We provide simultaneous conference interpretation services for remote (virtual), onsite (face to face), and hybrid multilingual meetings and conventions.


Simultaneous Interpretation for Remote, Onsite and Hybrid Conferences.

Remote Meeting Platform Selection and Technical Support.

Permanent Technical Assistance before, during and after the conference.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental for Onsite and Hybrid Events.

Translation of written documents and videos with captioning or interpreter voice over.

Virtual Meetings

For virtual meetings, a platform with a channel for each language is used (Zoom, QuaQua, Kudo, Interprefy, Webex, etc.).

We log into the meeting as interpreters, and host provides us with 2 or more output channels.  One per language.  We receive sound from the floor or relay channel (source language) and use the output channels to render simultaneous interpretation into target languages.  Participants select which language they wish to hear.

If requested, we also provide platform, host services and permanent technical assistance with professional Digital Event Specialists.

Onsite or Hybrid Meetings

For onsite and hybrid meetings, we provide permanent technical assistance at conference venue.

Permanent Technical Assistance

Our technicians capture sound and video onsite and send it to a cloud-based platform that distributes audio and video to the interpreter dashboard anywhere in the world.

Interpreters do not have to be present

Interpreters translate into their microphone at remote location and their voice is distributed to participant’s internet connected device (laptop, mobile phone, tablet) worldwide, using a cloud-based platform.


Whether participants are present at the conference venue, or connected remotely, or both, it does not matter.  They just select the language they want to hear on their device.

This allows for conference to be carried out in many different cities worldwide simultaneously, in any number of languages without limitation, and with an unlimited number of participants. The world is your oyster.

Cost Effective

You save thousands on equipment rental (no microphones, receivers, headsets, travel expenses, accommodation expenses, as interpreters are working remotely and participants, both from home and onsite, listen through their own devices.

Onsite as in pre-pandemic times.

We provide interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment for completely onsite face-to-face multilingual international conferences in the United States, the Caribbean (Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Bavaro, Santiago, Jamaica, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.), and Central America.

Although less convenient and more expensive some conferences such as law enforcement, drug interdiction, military operations, training courses, etc., still require face-to-face contact and acquaintance amongst participants.

Translation of written documents and videos with captioning or interpreter voice over.

Translation of Legal, Commercial and Technical written documents and presentations.

Caption your promotional or technical videos and prerecorded presentations with subtitles into any language. To see an example video please click HERE.

Remote Meeting Platform Selection

After thoroughly learning about the capabilities, price, sound & video quality, user friendliness, technical support, and flexibility of most virtual conference platforms, we have become experts in helping you decide which is the most convenient and cost-effective platform for you conference or webinar. We have partnered with the best to make your conference a success.